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July 19 2018

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July 18 2018

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November 03 2017

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To M.

I think you don't realise how important you were in my life. You knew it but somehow you forgot. 
I tried really hard for this few weeks. To forget who I was before you but... truth is you gave me hope and then you took it. All with my heart and soul. You knew all this and still you went deeper till I trusted you. And then you took it all. Everything what lefts in me is gone and I am tired of trying, tired of waking up and living with no purpose and no interest in it. 
I'm not even angry. I'm sad cus after that you told me we will keep contact and then you dissapeared, ignoring only me. 
I hope you will not do anything stupid.
Everything in my life keeps reminding me of you. I don't want to feel this pain anymore. 
Ana bahebak. 

Truth or lie?

To O.

Dear Best Friend.
We both knew it will come sooner or later. I pick sooner cus there is nothing worth fighting for. 
I wish you everything best with A., you deserve happiness more than anyone. You are the most patient person I have ever met. Thank you for that. 
I know you tried and you didn't want to give up but, to be honest, I gave up long time ago. I told you, it was all ready. Only he could change it but he decided otherwise. 
You are strong and great person. Don't waste it. Don't you dare do anything stupid. Go for your life, we both know you can. 
I know what you think but.. It's not about being useless, cus you are not. I just don't believe anymore, everyone told me to try everytime something wrong happened. So I tried. I always tried for others. Let me do something for myself finally. 
Let me go. 
Goodbye, take care and forgive me. 

October 29 2017

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October 28 2017

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October 17 2017

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October 15 2017

Jeszcze będzie przepięknie, 
Jeszcze będzie normalnie...
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October 14 2017

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